Victor Thompson

Cars • 9 Mar 2013

victor thompson

I purchased my first Triumph, a very tired Triumph 1300 in 1978. Since then I have owned a number of Spitfires, a Herald 13/60 estate and Stag. I joined the TSSC in 1986 and together with my wife, Vivien have held a number of posts including Area Organiser for South Yorkshire TSSC, Area Liaison Officer, CoM Member, Standard Triumph Forum representative and International Concours organiser.

Triumphs get into your blood, what ever else life throws at you Triumph cars have been a constant source of enjoyment and pleasure. Being a member of the TSSC has been a very important part of the overall experience and enjoyment of being a Triumph enthusiast.

As a member, CoM member and West Yorkshire Area Organiser, the Club this has given me so much enjoyment, being an official of the Club gives me the opportunity to give something back. My official roles in the Club have given me the opportunity to work with and help a broad range of club members and fellow Club officials. I am enthusiastic to see the Club grow, and assist in preserving the name of Triumph cars.

I am very happy to be once again an Area Organiser, this time for West Yorkshire. If I can assist in anyway please don’t hesitate to contact me, also bear in mind if your car needs valuing for insurance purposes Vivien and are only too happy to assist.